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Apixel is founded in 2004 with one goal in mind - to deliver the highest quality IT support services to businesses in Singapore. Like all typical IT companies back then, we were offering break-fix support packages as this model of IT outsourcing is widely understood and accepted.

However, we quickly realized that the break-fix IT support model is not meeting business goals - our clients would like to prevent downtime and not react to breakdowns only after it occurs. It also doesn't address the lack of IT strategy and planning, recurring downtime, data loss, security holes, and delayed IT resolution that most of our clients were facing back then. We recognized the need for us to change, to become the IT partner that our clients can depend on to align technology with their business goals.

So in 2005, we started offering managed IT support packages and became one of the pioneer IT companies offering managed IT services in Singapore. By offering managed services, we are able to better line-up our interest with clients', turning re-active to pro-active support and rightfully transfer the IT responsibility and accountability to us, the IT support company.


We know that IT is a complex business and that your company will require complex solutions. We also know that there are thousands of possible things we could do to help your organization achieve its goals. But know this: everything we do, every possibility we consider, and every decision we make, as individuals and as an organization, is governed completely by a set of core values that define who we are and drive us forward every day:

  1. BUILDING TRUST: Things are different at Apixel. We believe in more than just turning a profit. We believe that the only way to conduct business is to work in the best interests of our clients and each other. And since trust is in everyone’s best interests, we make sure that everything we do builds trust or we won’t do it. If it sounds like we think trust is a big deal it’s because we do. Not only is it the most important value we have, it’s the most important quality of every client relationship we build. And we’re determined to keep it that way.

  2. TAKING SWIFT AND MEANINGFUL ACTION: Regardless of the issue or task at hand, we know not only that time is money, but that speed is of the essence, especially in support situations. That’s why we’ve built a culture of first responders who work quickly to consider options and determine solutions. Then we charge forth with swift and meaningful action to resolve problems.

  3. CREATING CUSTOM, BEST-FIT SOLUTIONS: Not all businesses need the same IT. That’s why we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions, we never sell generic packages with unwanted services, and we won’t force clients into solutions they don’t need. Instead, we provide just one thing: the custom solution that offers the greatest benefit for our clients and serves their interests the best.

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    APIXEL – IT Consulting Company in Singapore

    A significant shift in how SMEs and even large business entities operate, deal with customers, process payments and refine business models is currently underway. An increasingly large number of businesses, including those with traditional brick & mortar framework and others with nationwide operations, are now adopting innovative and highly virtualized IT systems for greater efficiency.

    As an IT consulting company in Singapore, we're one of the drivers of growth in this steady and fruitful transformation. Our IT consultants can change the way a business entity approaches its marketplace or workplace.

    AIPIXEL Advantage

    Finding IT consultants in Singapore isn't hard. But, it's a fact that deeper strategic capabilities and numerous cost advantages can only be offered by IT consulting companies with expertise, experience and field resources. Unlike a multinational consultancy with a high price tag and little or not on-ground support, APIXEL provides fully customized IT infrastructure services at an affordable price. Since we provide consultancy, IT setup service and other solutions at a fixed price, clients need not worry about paying 'extra' service charges should the need for repairs, reconfigurations or monitoring arise in future.

    Bridging the IT – Business Gap

    One reason why we're now counted among reliable IT consulting companies in Singapore is our commitment to bridge the 'Information Technology – Business Model' gap.

    Over the years, our IT consultants have discovered how businesses fail or succeed in making use of various components of an Information Technology system to cut costs, enhance intra-organization communication, ensure data security and improve employee efficiency. Before our engineers begin to work on setting up an IT system for a small, medium or large scale business in Singapore, our consultants spend enough time brainstorming & analyzing the best possible setup – one that's both cost effective and aligns well with the existing line of business.

    In the process, we do not favor any vendor or service provider. The foremost priority for our IT consultants in Singapore is to help you choose the best vendor, software, hardware and service provider in order to create a fine blend of different components that form a cost-effective and high-performance Information Technology system.

    Ongoing Support for Each Client

    We're in the business of providing IT Infrastructure Services, IT consultancy and ongoing support. While standard business ethics is an obvious motivator for us, we do understand that in order to grow tall and strong as an IT support, consultancy and infrastructure services company in Singapore, we need to provide round the clock support to our valued clients and that's exactly what we've been doing since 2004.

    While we fully meet the terms of Service Level Agreement signed by both parties, we do not hesitate go out of the way to help resolve a technological bottleneck. We understand businesses bank upon IT systems for smooth day to day operations and even minor network malfunctions, hard drive crashes or selection of wrong software solution can translate into significant losses or worst, loss of valued customers or reputation in the market. It is due to this reason that we provide round the clock support to each one of our clients.

    Providing world class IT consultancy to a business in Singapore is a job well done but we do not stop there. Whether your systems need to be configured remotely or a technician has to stop by for an immediate fix, at APIXEL, we make sure the needful is done.

    With APIXEL's consultants, network engineers, IT support teams and technicians merely a call away and all fail-safe mechanisms in place, you can go about doing what you know best – doing business while we look after your IT systems.

    Call us today at Tel:(+65) 6639 1839 for a brief talk on how we can help in streamlining your business, whether in sales, production, operations or human resources management.