Feature & Benefits of High Availability System

  • Built-in Redundancy

    Even though high-quality equipment are used by default in high-availability deployments, outages can still occur; for maximum reliability, redundancy will be built into critical parts of your IT systems to ensure 100% uptime.

  • Automated Fail-Over

    When outage occurs, it is critical to fail-over to backup resources in the shortest amount of time. Traditional systems depend on IT personnel to execute that process - which is slow and unreliable. Advancement in technology has not only enabled automated fail-over but also automated fail-back when the original outage is resolved.

  • Real-Time Backups

    More frequent backups are ideal because it ensures that the recovery copy is accurate to within a very short time frame. Real-time backup works by automatically updating the latest backup version of a file as soon as it is modified, ensuring recovery copies are accurate to within a few minutes.

  • Automated Off-Site Backups

    One of the most important recent advancements in backup technology is automated off-site backups. Backup copies no longer need to be moved manually to a secondary location, this process can take place in the background without any human intervention.

  • Hassle-Free Implementation

    High availability system can be implemented with minimal hassle. The entire system can be built and tested separately without disrupting business operations. When it is ready, migration can be scheduled at a timing least affecting operations.

  • Cost Effective

    Not only does virtualization enable high-availability, it is also cost effective. A single physical server now has the ability to run 2 or more virtual servers, saving the cost of buying additional servers.

Services Included

  • Professional IT consultation
  • Solution customization to cather to different needs
  • Costs estimation and budget projections
  • Detailed deployment strategy and implementation plans
  • Setup and configuration of servers
  • Setup and configuration of virtualized environment
  • Migration of exsisiting IT infrasture to virtualized environment
  • Setup and configuration of network and internet access redundancy
  • IT Asset Management & Documentation
  • Technology Procurement - Assist/advise in purchasing equipment, software and services; evaluating and qualifying vendors.
  • Backup Strategy and Business Continuity Planning

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