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Business IT Solutions


Apixel has the in-house experience and expertise to develop and deliver turnkey IT solutions for your business. Our solutions are designed to solve actual operational problems faced by businesses in the most cost-effective way. As new technologies emerge, our team regularly conducts research and testing to develop new and better solutions.

Highlighted below are some of the more common IT solutions we have implemented for our clients; if you’re looking for a solution that’s not mentioned, please fill-in the form below and our consultants will personally look into a solution for you.


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    APIXEL - IT Solutions Singapore

    Information Technology is the backbone of a large number of SMEs in Singapore today. It's hard to imagine how a business can function without emails, digital calendars, on-the-go access to data, backups, cloud solutions, Wi-Fi networks and dozens of other applications. But, not all businesses actually harness the power of Information Technology in the same way. While some businesses succeed in cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency, others merely spend money on hardware or software they don't need. Yet, few others fail to make the best use of IT system components. If you're looking for an IT solution for a company in Singapore, you've arrived on the right page. We provide business IT solutions to that suit your unique business needs.

    We understand that different businesses, small, medium or large, will require separate IT solutions, and these solutions will also vary across industries.

    Our in-house expertise and experience will develop, configure and monitor turnkey solutions for your business. We design or customize IT solutions keeping in mind the real operational problems faced by your businesses.

    Having served hundreds of businesses in the past and constantly analyzing newer technologies, hardware and applications has enabled us to equip all kinds of businesses with the best business IT solutions over the years.

    New Offices – Setting Up a Robust IT System

    Setting up a new office often leaves people with little or no time for implementing the right IT Solutions in Singapore. We can help you with everything from planning & organizing to selection of hardware, software and final set-up of new IT infrastructure for your office. Our expert team has helped many SMEs in Singapore in setting up new offices; some spread over a floor and others, an entire building. You too can avail our fully managed comprehensive services at the most affordable prices.

    Small Business Server

    By a proactive support model we mean that instead of waiting for problems to occur, we simply prevent thBy integrating fully synchronized e-mail, file data sharing and security control into a single cost effective package, we as a IT solutions company in Singapore offer small and medium scale businesses a chance to become digital, without complicating the management or operations. Your staff too can enjoy remote access to emails and other information, and recover automated backup, without the fear of losing important information.

    High Availability System

    We help you build highly efficient IT infrastructure. During the down time, you won't end up losing your business or clients. We use latest technologies such as virtualization, auto flavor system, and automated backups. Besides built-in redundancy, real time backups, automated off site backups and more, you can be assured of round the clock support from us.

    Data Security and Theft Prevention

    In modern times, businesses are well secured against outside theft of data, but what poses a greater challenge is how to prevent theft data within the organization? We have effective answer that can be integrated in an IT business solution for you. We deploy advanced security systems to safeguard your data against any kind of un-authorized access. Features such as monitoring multiple computers, website filtering, lock-down and geo-locate stolen laptops etc. will help safeguard your data against theft.

    Backup systems

    Increased reliance on digital storage of information for all aspects of business operations has rendered companies and organizations highly susceptible to risks of losing important information. Therefore, the implementation of proper backup systems has become imperative. We offer you comprehensive backup solutions, including desktop and server backups and on-site and off-site backups too.

    Cloud Solutions

    While Cloud Computing has strictly remained the tool of big organizations, we as an IT solution provider now bring affordable cloud solutions for SMEs too. At a fraction of the price, without investing a dime on infrastructure, your organization too can have access to the most advanced Cloud technology, get customized solutions, enjoy the advantage of universal access, and more.

    We strategize, plan and implement the best possible IT Solutions in Singapore for all our partners. We don't work on presumptions and analogies; we will study your business in-depth before devising any plan. Working and re-working on each plan, by the time of its arrival at your table; it would have been optimized for cost, functionality, and services.

    For further discussion, call us at (+65) 6639 1839 or write us at enquiry@apixel.com.sg.