Features & Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • Advance Features

    Through cloud computing, advance features enjoyed by large enterprises are now available to SMEs at a fraction of the cost. Features such as collaborating in real-time on the same project/document or easily find meeting time that works for everyone in your team allows users to work better together and improve productivity.

  • Fast Deployment

    As the infrastructure and all necessary software are already in place, the solution can be tested and deployed quickly without the need to wait for additional hardware or software to be purchased and setup.

  • Highly Scalable

    Additional resources will always be available as you grow your business. You can add more users, more accounts, and more storage space anytime with just a few clicks.

  • No Infrastructure Cost

    There’s no need to invest in costly hardware or software to get started. There’s also no on-going maintenance costs and software / hardware upgrading costs to worry about, just a flat monthly usage fee to take care of.

  • Universal Access

    As your data is automatically saved in the cloud, you’ll have access to your email, calendar and data, no matter where you are. Now everyone in your team can productive from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection.

  • Built-in Redundancy and Backup

    Cloud solutions providers typically operate from large datacenters and across multiple clusters of servers to provide high reliability. Copies of data are also stored in different locations to provide redundancy. When you subscribe to cloud solutions, you automatically gain built-in redundancy and backup capability for your business data.

Services Included

  • Professional IT Consultation
  • Solution customization to cather to different needs
  • Costs estimation and budget projections
  • Detailed deployment strategy and implementation plans
  • Setup and configuration of cloud system
  • Testing and commissioning

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  • More

    APIXEL – Cloud Solutions Singapore

    Small and Medium scale businesses in Singapore are now moving to cloud computing for numerous reasons. Few reasons that actually resonate across the board, especially in case of SMEs, include the availability of low cost cloud solutions in Singapore, innovative features and usability for employees, management and even suppliers, vendors and customers.

    Put simply, SMEs in Singapore are now shifting to cloud computing based solutions because they want to provide top class services to everyone in the organization or the people they deal with in the marketplace. They want a low cost service with high-end features that keeps getting better with each passing year!

    APIXEL Can Help You Adopt All Aspects of Cloud Solutions

    Robust technology applications and features, once accessible to large scale business organizations with a high IT spending cap are now available to small and medium scale businesses in Singapore and other parts of the world at a fraction of the cost.

    A dramatic shift is taking place in how businesses manage their production, sales, inventory and intra-organization functions and cloud computing solutions are at the heart of these changes. We've the expertise and resources to help you avail few or all benefits that a generic or industry-specific cloud solution has to offer in Singapore.

    We Help You Make the Right Decision

    Singapore's cloud computing scenario is healthy but business entities with no in-house tech expertise often find it difficult to choose the right cloud computing solution according to their industry vertical, nature of operations and size. That's where APIXEL comes in the picture. Whether you wish to choose a cloud computing company in Singapore or elsewhere, our consultants specializing in cloud computing based solutions for businesses can assist you in making an informed decision. The fundamental goal for us is to help you make a decision in line with your short term and long term goals.

    Scalable Cloud Solutions for Your Organization

    Businesses in a growth phase often need to scale up quickly. If you anticipate the need to hire more people, handle increased work volumes as a service provider or enhance the inventory management system for increased efficiency, we can help you scale up within no time. A high-end cloud computing solution can be scaled up to increase storage space, accommodate additional accounts and incorporate newer functionalities with great ease.

    Access All Features on the Go

    Cloud solutions in Singapore provide universal access to each one of its users depending upon the privileges configured by the administrator. Regardless of the time or your location, you or any of your organization's employees can access basic as well as advanced features from laptops, personal computers and mobile devices.

    Since the data stored on a cloud is already protected through various backup mechanisms, you need not worry about 'ever' losing your data. Cloud computing service providers deploy the highest level of security frameworks and built-in data backup techniques in order to keep clients' data safe. Natural calamities, cyber attacks or even break-ins cannot cause data loss.

    Quick Deployment and Very Low Recurring Expense

    With cloud solutions, a business need not spend on expensive hardware or proprietary software. A cloud solution offered by a cloud computing company operational in Singapore can be deployed in as little as 1-3 days depending upon the kind of features required, total number of employees etc. Except a fixed monthly fee, there're no other maintenance charges involved.

    For a quick discussion on how cloud computing can transform your business operations and help you achieve higher productivity and lower operational costs, call us at (+65) 6639 1839 or write to us at enquiry@apixel.com.sg.